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Forex Contracts

Products Contract Value Min Price Fluctuation
AUDCAD 100,000AUD 0.00001CAD
AUDCHF 100,000AUD 0.00001CHF
AUDJPY 100,000AUD 0.001JPY
AUDNZD 100,000AUD 0.00001NZD
AUDUSD 100,000AUD 0.00001USD
CADCHF 100,000CAD 0.00001CHF
CADJPY 100,000CAD 0.001JPY
CHFJPY 100,000CHF 0.001JPY
EURAUD 100,000 Euro 0.00001AUD
EURCAD 100,000 Euro 0.00001CHF
EURCHF 100,000 Euro 0.00001CAD
EURGBP 100,000 Euro 0.00001CHF
EURJPY 100,000 Euro 0.00001GBP
EURNZD 100,000 Euro 0.001JPY
EURUSD 100,000 Euro 0.00001NZD
GBPAUD 100,000GBP 0.00001USD
GBPCAD 100,000GBP 0.00001AUD
GBPCHF 100,000GBP 0.00001CAD
GBPJPY 100,000GBP 0.00001CHF
GBPNZD 100,000GBP 0.001JPY
GBPUSD 100,000GBP 0.00001NZD
NZDCAD 100,000 NZD 0.00001USD
NZDCHF 100,000 NZD 0.00001CAD
NZDJPY 100,000 NZD 0.00001CHF
NZDUSD 100,000 NZD 0.001JPY
USDCAD 100,000 USD 0.00001USD
USDCHF 100,000 USD 0.00001CAD
USDJPY 100,000 USD 0.00001CHF
USDCNH 100,000 USD 0.00001 RMB

*All the contracts are floating spread.

Forex Trading Hours

Your Local Time (BJT +/- X)

Products Winter Time Summer Time
Forex Mon 06:05 - Sat 05:55 Mon 05:05 - Sat 04:55

Forex Settlement Time & System Maintenance Time

Products Winter Time Summer Time
Forex Daily 05:58 - 06:05 Daily 04:58 - 05:05

*During the settlement and System maintenance will be suspended any trading, including order execution.
*The above schedule is only for reference, HMLV will adjust the trading service hours due to different market holidays. If you need the most update information, please contact Customer Service Department.

Forex Trading Rules

Contract Contract Forex (not include USDCNH) USDCNH
No. of Contracts (per lot) 100,000
Minimum price fluctuation 0.001 (JPY related) or 0.00001 (others) 0.00001
Spread Floating Spreads
Initial Margin
Initial Margin: 1% of position opening Initial Margin: 2% of position opening
Liquidation: 20% of initial margin
Margin for locking position
Position Locking: 30% of initial margin
Position Locking & Liquidation: 20% of position locking
Limit / Stop Order Order can be placed at least 25 Pips away from the current market price#
New trading interval time At least 2 seconds
Opening and closing interval At least 2 seconds
Order Execution Principles
Order will be executed at actual market price
The Freeze level is set to 5 tick for each order#

# the Freeze level and the Limit/Stop Order will be adjusted any time depending on market fluctuations. Note: this data is subject to change without prior notice.
* According to the customer’s request, the initial guarantee deposit requirements may change. The higher the leverage is, the greater the potential profit opportunities are, but there is a huge potential loss risk. Investors should make independent evaluation or consult independent professional investment consultants according to their investment objectives and risk-bearing standards.
* if the net asset value of the customer’s account is lower than the required margin for compulsory closing of positions;  And where the Company believes that the balance is not sufficient to withstand the associated market risk, HMLV has the right, but not the obligation, to choose to close the customer’s contract without prior notice to protect the number of customer losses.
# The freeze level, limit / stop order will depend on market situation to adjust at any time.