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IB Program

If you are interested in becoming an IB of Hantec, please fill in this form.

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Hantec respects the privacy of all customers. Once you have submitted the form above, that means you have agreed with Hantec to use the information provided to contact you.

What is my duty of being an Introducing Broker (IB)?

The most important role of IB is to locate potential customers for Hantec. After recruiting a certain number of new clients, you will be awarded with a standardized bonus.

With the close cooperation between Hantec and IB, your main role is simply to recruit more clients.

We, Hantec, as your strongest foundation. We could accelerate the business growth hand-in-hand.

How to recruit new customers to Hantec?

Hantec will provide you a customized Account Opening Link. New joiner can simply apply from the link and become one of us.

IB are welcome to use different websites and channels to promote Hantec, for example, posting and sharing on social media or send out your personalized account opening link via email.

Flexible Commission Scheme

Hantec has multi-layer commission scheme. Customized with your recruitment strategy and find out the most suitable plan for you.

Technical Analysis

Professional market analysis provided by TRADING CENTRAL, giving you real time data of market conditions.

Online Marketing

Hantec is responsible for online advertising and marketing. You are welcome to download UpToDate market promotion on our website.

Offline Support

Hantec provides full support to different offline events and investment courses. Plentiful presents and promotion products will be given out as well.

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Fill in the form and become an IB now or you can contact our Customer Service for knowing more.

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Follow up by Hantec’s professional, a tailored-made IB agreement will be at your service.

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Wish to enhance your business easily? Simply sign the form and becomean IB at Hantec!

We provide full support to every IB

Founded in 31 years ago, we have set up offices in 19 cities over 14 countries

Utilizing our advantageous marketing skills and to attract customers’ awareness

More than 700 staffs will provide all kinds of service you need

Using all kinds of transaction tool to fulfil your needs